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Produtech Coil-Fed Fiber Laser

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Produtech s.r.l. is the world’s leading supplier of coil-fed fiber laser blanking lines with over 40 installations worldwide.

This system offers the flexibility of processing individual parts, multiples or dynamically nested parts directly from coil offering the following advantages:

  • Lowest possible cost of raw materials
  • Highest possible material utilization
  • Elimination of the costs to build and maintain blanking dies
  • Product design change and new part introduction fastest to market
  • Optimum material flow
  • Optimum operator ergonomics

For those customers needing both the complete flexibility of laser cutting combined with CNC punching machine, Produtech offers the possibility of combining a laser head and multitool punching on the same linear transversing axis. Now you can punch, form and laser cut with one machine in one handling directly from coil.

Automated scrap sorting and ‘good part’ sorting and stacking options are available as needed.

  • Capacities are 48″, 60″ and 72″ coil widths
  • Up to .250″ in mild steel material thickness
  • Galvanized, pre-painted, stainless, aluminum, copper, brass, titanium, inconel

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Iseo A2 Coil Fed Laser Line


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Processing 6 mm thick coil with automated stacking

Coil fed laser ISEO with 6 mm coil

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Laser Blanking of Long Parts

Laser Blanking of Narrow Strips

Coil fed fiber laser blanking of narrow strips

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Coil Fed Fiber Laser/Punch Combination

PRODUTECH Coil fed Combined line EFFICOIL

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Unloading Flat Bed and Coil Fed Fiber Lasers

Unloading comparisons Flat bed and Coil fed lasers

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Produtech Laser Sorting and Stacking

Produtech Laser Sorting and Stacking

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Ductwork Production,
Coil Fed Fiber Laser

Ductwork Production on the Coil Fed Fiber Laser by Produtech

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Laser Marking/Trapdoor Option

Produtech Laser Marking and Trapdoor on Coil fed laser blanking line

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