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Ursviken press brakes empowers productivity for the most demanding metal bending operations.

We offer a comprehensive package of high-quality solutions and life cycle service

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We’ve been providing innovative solutions with a focus on quality and value for over 100 years!

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Ursviken is a leading manufacturer of CNC press brakes for sheet metal and plate.

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Enhanced productivity for a variety of industries

The group companies offer enhanced productivity to customers operating in a variety of industries, including telecommunication, electronics, machine manufacturing, construction equipment, tube and pole manufacturing as well as ship building.

Experts in metal sheet working:

Ursviken Technology is a source for knowledge and service in metal working equipment. Our extensive knowledge and experience enable us to provide the customer with solutions and services that ensures a better return on investment.

Extensive product support

All our machines include a comprehensive warranty and training program. Additionally, we offer a wide range of services including maintenance contracts, remote diagnostics (via modem or Internet), and application support. A wide range of training courses is available to suit individual customer requirements.

OPTIMA Press Brake

Optima meets the highest demands when it comes to plate fabrication. Accuracy, performance, efficiency, and quality is our foundation.

The Optima press brake can be customized to suit individual applications with different daylight, stroke, throat depth, bend length and a lot of options when it comes to handling equipment.

For large poles, tubes, crane arms and forming thicker plates in high strength steel, this is the product of choice.
Optima press brakes tonnage capacity starts at 440Tons up 5500Tons and single lengths up to 68’

Common options available with the Ursviken Optima CNC Press brake

  • Lift/Swing (material support/follower)
  • Six Axis back gauge
  • Programmable lower dies
  • Angle control system with automatic compensation
  • Application driven tooling packages
  • CNC Tool magazine and indexable tool radius
  • CNC-crowning (deflection compensation)
  • Tandem operation
  • Material handling systems

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