Pivatic Coil Fed CNC Punching
High Speed Automated CNC Flexible Bending

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Pivatic, established in 1975, has developed the leading solutions for sheet metal fabricators; with high speed, automated, flexible punching & bending solutions.

Parts produced using Pivatic advanced solutions enable significant increase in output, flexibility, profitability and return on investment.

Coil fed CNC Punching with 26-52 Thick Turret Tools
Starting Coil Widths: 24″, 49″, 60″, 72″

  • Load directly from coils
  • No workholder deadzone
  • Material travels in one direction
  • All tools are active – No tool change time
  • No load/unload time
  • Lower material costs due to starting from coils
  • Significantly reduced scrap
  • Faster processing times compared to turrets, lasers or punch/shear systems
  • Optional downstream Trim & Notch Station
  • 52 thick turret tool station
  • Optional Hard Tool Station
  • Cut-to-length/Shear-to-Width with Automated Sorting and stacking Capabilities


  • Four side simultaneous bending Average cycle time 16-24 seconds/part
  • Positive and Negative Bending
  • CNC Control of bend height, bend angle, bend line position
  • Optional ā€œUā€ Wrap bending module
  • Folding technology offers excellent results on surface sensitive
  • Folding technology means no wear and tear on the bending tooling

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