Wemo for CNC Punching and Bending

Wemo, from the Netherlands, manufactures automated CNC controlled coil or blank fed punching and bending lines serving the following industries. Click on the industry segment for videos of the applications. (also see their website)


Office Furniture

Drawer Bodies

Electrical Enclosures

Heating Cabinet Panels

Lighting Radius Reflectors

Lighting Reflector Vanes

Door Frames

Washer Panels

Computer Housings

Shop Furniture


Ceiling Panels

Coil Fed CNC Punching and Bending of Large Panels

See What Wemo Can Do

Wall Panel Automated Line

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Automated Production of Steel Office Furniture Panels

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Punching, Forming, Welding Electrical Boxes

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Automated Production of Truck Components

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Automated Bending of Extra Long Parts

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