Pivatic Coil Fed CNC Punching

Pivatic, established in 1975, has developed the leading solution for sheet metal fabricators. Parts produced using Pivatic advanced solutions enable significant increase in output, flexibility, profitability and return on investment.

Coil fed CNC Punching with 26-52 Thick Turret Tools
Starting Coil Widths: 24", 49", 60", 72"

  • Load directly from coils
  • No workholder deadzone
  • Material travels in one direction
  • All tools are active - No tool change time
  • No load/unload time
  • Lower material costs due to starting from coils
  • Significantly reduced scrap
  • Faster processing times compared to turrets, lasers or punch/shear systems
  • Optional downstream Trim & Notch Station

Pivatic production line rendering

Pivatic Automated CNC Bending

  • Programmable positive and negative bends, bend angles, bend locations
  • Bend all four sides simultaneously
  • Maximum Length 120" – Maximum Width 60"

Pivatic Automated CNC Bending

See What Pivatic Can Do

CNC Coil Fed Punch/Trim/Notch Automated Bending FMS Line

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Coil Fed CNC Punching

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Coil Fed CNC Punching  with Hard Tooling

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Automated Bending With U Wrap Station

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