DANOBAT for Sheet Metal Processing

Blank Fed or Coil Fed Laser Blanking

Coil Fed Laser by DANOBAT


  • Minimizes raw materials costs.
  • Maximizes materials utilization.
  • Cuts over free space; no table slats to clean, replace or maintain.
  • Fewer z-axis moves = faster cutting times.
  • Reduced reliance on hard tooling.
  • Flyer download: LB Coil Fed Laser
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Punch-Shear, Punch-Laser


  • Ideal for parts that combine large number of holes and forms, with the ability to profile irregular contours.
  • Possibility of cutting formed surfaces at different heights.
  • A wider range of materials can be processed.
  • High reflective materials, such as aluminum and cooper can be cut.
  • Set-up times are minimized, thanks to the automatic blade clearance regulation.
  • Up to 60% power consumption reductions are achieved.
  • Enables greater material use due to a better scrap management.
  • Flyer download: Danobat Silver Punching + Laser

Panel Bender, FMS Lines

DANOBAT Panel Bender


Versatile: it offers a solution for large range of material thicknesses and part bending applications.

Accurate: the machine concept provides better accuracy than conventional CNC bending methods and requires less operator interface.

Productive: its unique bending tool concept and the automatic manipulation of the part, make the PG the ideal solution for high production requirements.

Flyer download: Danobat BM Bending


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